Need for a Robust ERP

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Need for a Robust ERP


Badrinarayan, Vice-President, RTE Brakes India


S. Badrinarayan,
VP, RTE Brakes

The Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0 launch in Delhi last week saw a perfect blend of customers and partners, all with their opinion about Ramco's ERP solution. S. Badrinarayan, VP, RTE Brakes; Balaji, Advisor to RTE brakes was one amongst them.

Recalling what the requirement of his organization was, Badrinarayan said, We were looking out for cost effectiveness and functionality of a robust ERP from ERP vendors. And then it was Ramco systems that supported us in terms of customization, reporting and filling up the gaps.

Today we vouch for the excellent effort and support provided by Ramco team as during the hour of they went beyond the call of their duty to help us.

Posted by: Garima Sinha
Manager, Corporate Communications