Next in Cloud Computing: Mobile Cloud

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If you thought cloud computing was the next big thing, think again! The whole technology is evolving so fast enterprises are at once thrilled and nervous. Surely cloud computing has overturned the paradigm of service delivery and hosted solutions. However, a recent report says that mobile could is catching up quickly, and is going to emerge as the natural next big thing.

The report highlights the fact that until recently, cloud was limited to large enterprises who used PCs to connect to the services and data centers. But given how fast mobile devices have grown, the cloud as we know it is tilting towards the mobile. It is estimated that by 2016, the mobile cloud market will expand and reach well over $45 billion. For those publications and industry experts who have focused on the PC vs. Mobile debate for so long, the verdict is clearly in sight.

Other findings in the report point toward the increased confidence in mobile solutions as devices become more and more powerful and offer greater security and scalability. This has given rise to a whole new ecosystem where even the largest players in the industry are willing to invest and seize the opportunity created.

For the enterprises

For the enterprises this means a new wave in productivity and business models, as workflows become more mobile and newer revenue streams open up. This will also allow many of the smaller players compete at the same level and leverage, leading to more interesting developments.

Already the cloud has gone mobile as users prefer to check emails and browse the Web on their mobile devices, which is something the enterprises can look to leverage.