Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

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Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

Ramco ERP on Cloud has taken another stride towards becoming available globally. Partnering with Google’s Enterprise team, Ramco systems has added the feature of Location-awareness and capabilities of visualization to its base products. Ramco systems will deliver these features by integrating Google Maps with Ramco’s ERP on Cloud solution.Owing to this, Ramco users will be able to monitor their business from anywhere, anytime.

Ramco ERP on Cloud becomes location-aware with Google Maps

Ramco along with Google presented this product with an introduction to Ramco’s new MUSIC strategy. Mr. Virender Aggrawal, Ramco’s CEO, gave the presentation on the strategy and Google’s Anish Malhotra gave a presentation on Google’s role in the Enterprise Sector. The event started off with the guests being served refreshing coffee and tea,helping them escape the fatigue due to the Mumbai Traffic, after which they were greeted by Ramco’s sales personnel. Entering the Grand Ball Room I, one would have gotten a feeling of being youthful and upbeat. The round tables, with the balloons sitting on them, bearing names like “Jazz, Rock, Pop”, raised everyone’s eyebrows. Three tables on the sides, read “juke box”. The “juke box” showed a small demo of the product- Ramco ERP on Cloud with Google Maps.

The event commenced at 17:55hrs IST on the dot, with the head of BFSI of Ramco Systems on stage. The theme became clear with the sound of the popping balloons, disclosing a fortune cookie inside each of them, paving way to Ramco’s MUSIC (an acronym that describes the functionality of the products- Mobile, User interface, Speed, Intelligent and intuitive, Context aware). The CEO of Ramco Systems, Mr. Virender Aggrawal, went ahead, to present to the guests- The Symphony of Visualization and Business Reality. He explained on how important the mashup is, how important it is to connect boardroom to the nuts and bolts of the business. Setting the scale and pitch, Mr. Ricky Kapoor went on stage elaborating on the changing technology and how important it is to adapt and leverage it all. He was followed by Mr. Anish Malhotra, the head of Sales at the Enterprise Division of Google. With a perfect orchestra of videos and talk, he explained, how the enterprise division worked.

The crescendo was at the third presentation, when Mr. Balaji, The President of Madras Cements, the user of the products of both the organizations, went on stage to show the audience live demo of how he uses them both. He made jaws drop when he said, “You go to the restroom and come back, the numbers would have changed. That is the level of technology we are talking about”.

This partnership will certainly bring a whole new dimension to the company’s products. The feature shall be exceptionally productive for the businesses which have many mobile parts. This integration shall give supervisors an opportunity to capture the actual dynamics of the business, and help them navigate the businesses in which information needs to travel between the hierarchies very swiftly.

The geospatial technology has been very active in the last few years, and Ramco Systems has taken the logical step to include the technology in its products to offer state-of-the-industry products to its customers. With Google Maps integrated with Ramco ERP on Cloud, the decision makers will have something more than the simple transactional data which ERP systems deliver. For organizations which overlook operations over multiple locations and over different sectors of business, the insights churned out by feeding the ERP data into location services can be used with extreme efficacy.

The major elements that made this possible include:

  • Google’s fast and easy user-interface that provides strong graphics performance in a web browser.
  • Detailed maps that enable users to bring data to life by visualizing and interacting with geospatial data.
  • Mobile apps that work on multiple mobile devices including the iPad.

Google is clearly among the most innovative companies in the world. And when you add that with Ramco Systems’ diligence to excel in Cloud technology, one is guaranteed to get outstanding results. Geo is a very hot field, and the geospatial capabilities are an extremely handy tool when it comes to expanding the scope and scale of Cloud technology. Ramco Systems promise to deliver the next-generation E2E enterprise solution is only put on firmer grounds with the introduction of Google Maps platform. The Ramco Google event, conducted at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, marked the beginning of a Connected Enterprise, showing the world the power of Visualization and its influence on Business Reality, how important is Consumerisation of Technology and finally a tall standing example of how all this could work, resulting in the PERFECT SCORE.