Revolutionizing the Cloud with Greater Power - Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud

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Today, the cloud has become increasingly popular and users have begun to realize its true potential. With renewed vigour to tackle the increasing demand for cloud-based offerings and keeping in mind customers’ requirements that evolve with time and technology, Ramco Systems announces the launch of Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway Products on the Cloud.

RODE Analytics Products on the Cloud

We are bringing our cloud-based Analytics offerings a notch further by taking business intelligence on the cloud. As an additional service offering to complement RamcoOnDemand ERP, Analytics Products on the Cloud can integrate with any ERP, public or private.

Ramco OnDemand Analytics is powered by a comprehensive Business Intelligence Platform – Ramco DecisionWorks, which offers a robust infrastructure and can address large scale Enterprise Data Warehouses.

  • It is pre-built, hence ready-to-use
  • It is a “switch on” service offering to ERP on Cloud
  • It facilitates - Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Decision making collaboration

Benefits of RODE Analytics Products on the cloud to the end user

  1. Ready-to-go live immediately
  2. Real Time as well as historical Analytics
  3. Cloud benefits - No capital expenditure, No investments, Low-cost subscription model, Scalable

RODE Gateway Products on the Cloud

Gateway is used to refer to an entry-point. With Gateway products we give customers an easy entry into enterprise-class software.

Gateway products are a sub-set of the Ramco OnDemand offering. They enable customers to quickly and easily adopt business applications. Customers can then graduate to a full-fledged ERP without replacing the existing system. Gateway products can operate standalone and are a fusion of ERP & Analytics.

Coming up soon…We have a product roadmap for five gateway products to be released this financial year. CRM will be the first Gateway product to be launched in July 2011. The others are Distribution Management, Fixed Assets, HR &Payroll and Service Management System.

One of the major bottlenecks which customers face with an ERP is the long implementation time. We at Ramco have been working on the technology to simplify the implementation process and time and ensure the customer reaps the benefits of an ERP at the earliest. With Ramco OnDemand Gateway Product on the cloud, this dream has finally come true. The product is highly templatized and the entire enrolment & on-boarding is automated. We will also have an extensive self-training kit with demos and FAQs that will be available online to a customer. This has ensured that the entire implementation is truly zero-touch, a revolution in ERP.

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