Selecting the Right Cloud Provider

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Selecting the Right Cloud Provider

With so many vendors in the market, it can be difficult to select the right service provider when it comes to cloud computing. For enterprises, the dilemma is greater because cloud computing is still evolving and there doesn’t seem to be much difference among the different offerings. However, there are many important factors a company needs to take into account when it comes to trusting a cloud provider. Here’s a quick guide:

Selecting the Right Cloud Provider
  • Service-level agreements: SLAs are there to make sure that your business enjoys the same level of service continuity as before. This is important because as you move to the cloud, you transfer all control to the vendor.
  • Billing models: As a business you need to look at a service provider that offers billing models to suit your nature of business. At the same time, accuracy of the bills generated is another important consideration.
  • Public vs. Private: Cloud now offers many options – public, private and hybrid. Make sure you understand which option is best for you, and select an appropriate vendor with a strong reputation.
  • Security: Pay close attention to the security capabilities of the vendor. Scrutinize their best practices and ask for security certifications. Because your data will reside on the vendor’s servers, it’s critical that security is maximum.
  • Support: See what type of support is your vendor offering. Is help available round the clock? If so, is the vendor able to give all level of technical support? These considerations are important for mission-critical applications.

While the technology and features offered by various cloud providers are more or less the same, it is these highlighted points that matter the most.