Self-Service is the Order of the Day!

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Well, you read right, it indeed is, atleast when it comes to ERP! One of the major bottlenecks which customers face with an ERP is the long implementation time. Precious time is wasted in getting things right the first time and then testing the same and then in settling down after that.

So, what exactly do we mean by self-service? We at Ramco Systems have been working on the technology to simplify the implementation process and time and to ensure the customer reaps the benefits of an ERP at the earliest. With the Ramco OnDemand Analytics and Gateway products, this dream has finally come true!

The products are highly templatized and the entire enrolment and on-boarding are automated. But how will you get started? Not so difficult, because we will also have an extensive self-training kit with demos and FAQs that will be available online to a customer. This has ensured that the entire implementation is truly zero-touch, a revolution in ERP.

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