The Power of Virtualization

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The Power of Virtualization


As you all know, the dawn of the new millennium witnessed newer facets of networking and technological enhancements. Now, we are at a juncture, wherein, the computer industry is stepping into a new era of innovations. This will make computing simpler and cost-effective, in a way we can never imagine.

Many people, these days, speak about virtualization; but, very few actually appreciate the full impact of this concept. To begin with, let’s see what brought in SaaS and virtualization into practice. Earlier, every company used to have a server room. This room had of a number of computers all stacked up, and the room was usually maintained by the tecchy IT guys. These tasks were pretty difficult to carry out, because a large amount of money had to be spent on maintaining this infrastructure. Gradually, people felt the need to innovate further, and come up with ideas that can transform this traditional practice. Now that the world is almost entirely fluent with the usage of Internet, software companies decided to offer their products as a service, hosted on the Internet. Thanks to this idea, servers need not be piled up in rooms in every company. They will just be stored in data centers, belonging to these software companies, and this data center will be accessed by multiple companies, through the Internet. This concept provides companies with a powerful, yet economical, virtual infrastructure, for which all that they’d have to pay is just a small amount every month. This encourages customers to buy and deploy products “just in time” and not exactly for “future eventuality”.

Virtualization of enterprise applications also follows the same principles. You can just get the functionalities you need “on demand”, and pay as you use, as against stacking up thousands of dollars right affront. However, we can’t deny that virtualized ERP is quite different from other computing resources. With virtualized ERP, every customer should have a specific personalized environment. The challenge for software vendors lies in how they can achieve the perfect virtualization, while providing best-in-class software for customers, at a competitive price.

Companies like Ramco Systems have now successfully addressed these challenges, after putting in years of innovation into this ERP business. Ramco Systems now offers to the world a powerful ERP application on a Software-as-a-Service model, called Ramco OnDemand ERP (RODE). This product offers all the functionalities of a powerful enterprise-integrating ERP solution, on a hosted model. Features of RODE like superior multi-tenant architecture, componentization, and SOA, has totally encouraged customers to go ahead and reap all the benefits of virtualization, and still get their personalized environments and customizations. This has completely changed the ideas of high TCO associated with ERP applications; because all that takes to subscribe for this service is just a small fraction of investment.

This concept is just the beginning of a new, cost-effective computing era. More innovations are on the pipeline, and we’re in for some major technological wonders. I’ll continue discussing such similar interesting topics in my blogs, in future.

Posted By :Â Kamesh Ramamoorthy, COO, Ramco Systems