The RODE Map to Supply Chain Management

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Ramco OnDemand ERP provides a comprehensive set of metrics to monitor the entire supply chain. The solution caters from inventory management to procurements, subcontracts and sales.

Efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality are some of the distinct features of Ramco OnDemand ERP. All the processes can be automated easily and integrated with existing business processes. At each stage of the business, RODE helps streamline the processes and ensures consistency and accuracy of data. It also helps eliminate redundancy thereby helping managers across departments to focus on their core responsibilities and plan in advance.

Since the solution is cloud based, it is easy to customize the functionalities as per business requirements. For different industries, there could be different requirements based on the nature of the industry. RODE ensures addition or deletion of functionalities according to requirements within very short duration. That’s the reason, why RODE can be implemented within weeks. No wonder, that clients like Sujana Metal products limited have endorsed Ramco Systems in a great manner.

Here is what Mr. Manivannan Anandan, Vice President, Operations has to say about RODE. “Prior to implementing Ramco OnDemand ERP, the data collection and report generation process was tedious and time consuming. Besides, the company depended on few people who did the task manually. But, with the arrival of ERP, it has become possible to collect data at the point of origin and users can generate the kinds of report they require.”

In the construction reinforcement steel manufacturing industry, conventionally, the lead time to process an order is decided by the company and, not the client. But SMPL aims to change that very soon by aligning its production schedules to suit the needs and deadlines of its clients. At the same time, the effort is to achieve optimum utilization of our own plants. The latest ERP deployment is a step in that direction. This is what we like to term as a win-win situation for all concerned, through the co-creation of value.”