The RODE Map to the Service Industry

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Companies that operate in the service industry require robust ERP software pertaining to the dynamic requirements of the sector. Some of the businesses operating in services sector include banking, education, recreation, lodging, engineering, legal services etc. Most service-based companies deal with consistent and continuous transactions, sophisticated calculations, huge volumes of data, and varying reporting formats. Can you imagine how companies can handle all this without an integrated system?

For the action-packed service industry, it is very essential to automate and integrate various processes involved. This also ensures swift action against customer queries and complaints, case management, document handling, client billing, expense tracking, regular transactions etc. And if all these activities can be done easily, using the latest technology, doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

For instance, RamcoOnDemand ERP helps companies in the services sector to automate the entire business processes and serve their customers effectively through its Service Management package. And, all these are offered on the cloud – the latest buzz word in the IT world. The cloud-based tools and applications offered by RODE helps companies manage their service offerings, quotations & order processing, spare parts management, reporting & tracking, pricing and a lot more.

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