Time Criticality

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Gordon Gecko (in Wall Street II) comes out of jail (after serving a 20 year term for crimes) and says that most valuable lesson he learnt, while in jail was the importance of time. He says that time and not money is the most important in life. This must be contrasted with his earlier allusion to information being most important and it was the application of this “information” at the wrong time that sent him to jail! This is in the tinsel world.

This is what John F Kennedy the 35th President of the United States (1961-63) had to say. He said (not a verbatim quote) that time should not be used as a crutch but as a tool. He had said at the time of his inaugural address and by saying what he did, he is credited as having inspired many young people.

In the world of Information Technology purchases, the attributes of time used thus far include time dependant or sensitive purchases. Time dependant purchases can be seen in the context of turnkey IT projects (involving On-Premise ERP also). Traditionally, large ERP projects have stretched from 6 to as many as 24 months. In this way information is hoarded, and is made available in a dependant manner, the crutch being time. Time sensitive purchases involve the series of purchases that helped the BFSI world solve the Y2K problem. Computers could not recognize the year 2000 as they couldn’t count beyond 1999 and hence this is a time sensitive purchase. Here time is a deadline to be reckoned with and has no relevance once the deadline is past.

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Time Criticality rides on the base of what you think is business critical. Whether your IT picture is on canvas or not, if a certain distinctive business entity, function or initiative lends itself IT automation in the cloud, sign up and give it a try. Free trial periods, periodic contract renewals, scale up and down of usage are all some of the features that will give it the time critical feel.

Contributed by : K Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems