Time Criticality & Ramco OnDemand Analytics on the Cloud

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Continuing the previous post on the importance of decision making, let us consider a sales man who is on Ramco’s cloud ERP. When exchanging dialogues with customers, he has already been alerted on product availability so that he may commit a delivery date. So how does he take a decision when the product is not available as per customer demand? Should he be (1) saying sorry, (2) negotiating for a later date of delivery, (3) assessing whether production can pushed to produce incrementally, or (4) just make a blind commitment as delivery is not his concern?

We will let business leaders decide and tell us how they value additionally revealed information. Consider this. Ramco’s cloud analytics are based on best practices. Thus inventory availability know-how is a basic. How should the system behave in the event of the inventory not being available? Should it reveal additional information, say on production capacity or availability at an alternate source so that a trade may be done? What is the value of the additionally revealed information?

Ramco’s cloud analytics comes with ready analytics on best business practices (read authentic standards). This information is real time and highly reliable. The utility in additional information is derived from the style that a business would like a sales person to adopt when faced with a bottle neck. Highly branded businesses may not feel pressured to meet a certain date. Newer business may flex beyond normal parameters in order to deliver. This is why the product comes with widgets so that every bit of additional information displayed may be configured in accordance to a style of decision making and a path taken to decision. Business may not be rocket science but sure can use some of the best practices that have helped it stabilize.

And one more thing…The same article stresses the importance of real time displays for the field and argues that historical data analysis is best used in classrooms!

Contributed by : K Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems