Top Myths about Cloud Computing

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Businesses are yet to fully understand cloud computing, which makes some of them believe in what can be termed as cloud computing myths. With so many different views on this subject—and experts in favor of and against it—it’s important to clear up the picture and offer a clear insight into this revolutionary technology.

So here are some of the top myths about cloud computing, and why they are nothing but myths:

  • Cloud computing is not secure: This is perhaps one of the biggest myths circulating in the market. Just because your data is not in your physical possession doesn’t make it any less secure (take your personal email account, for example). Could computing uses state of the art security techniques, and is as secure as any other enterprise solution.
  • Cloud computing is always cheaper: Cloud computing is not cheaper or costlier by its very nature. In fact, the cost incurred by cloud computing depends on your network usage. Because it works on a subscription model, high-volume transactions end up costing more.
  • All businesses will move to cloud computing: No technology has ever dominated the IT landscape completely, and neither will cloud computing. Just like any other system, it has its own limitations and is not suited for all types of businesses. For instance, business who value fixed costs over everything else might not be able to gain much out of cloud computing.

While many see cloud computing as another name for outsourcing, it must be emphasized that it is a robust technology capable of delivering low-cost business solutions, and is not fundamentally related to outsourcing.