Top Myths about Encryption

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Top Myths about Encryption

Given how mature the encryption technologies are, one would think that the practices are thoroughly understood when it comes to enterprise security. However, companies still continue to hold erroneous beliefs related to data encryption, and as a result continue to pay the price.

Here are the top myths about data encryption:

  • Passwords are enough: If only IT managers knew how easy it is to steal passwords, or even second-guess them, they would think otherwise. Passwords provide only a poor frontline defense, and there’s no stopping the attacker once access is gained.
  • It slows down networks: Encryption algorithms are now fast enough, and utilize no more than a tiny fraction of the resources. Surely enterprise security is worth more than a few milliseconds gained in device performance?
  • It is difficult to manage: With modern encryption management tools, it becomes very easy to manage everything from a single machine or console. It’s just like monitoring a server. Moreover, there are self-encrypting drives that make the entire process even simpler.
  • Encryption costs too much: Good encryption solutions may cost you, but the cost of losing sensitive business data and communication is even higher. At the end of the day, nothing beats the assurance that your data was delivered safely.

Given the proposed EU resolutions to make encryption mandatory, it’s high time companies started appreciating this robust security method. With so many high-quality and easy-to-manage solutions in the market, selecting and integrating an encryption solution in your company is far easier than most people think it to be.

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