Transition from Smart System to Smart World & Next to Smart Sensor

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Let’s presume there were two worlds where one is the digital reflection of the other. The real world is dappled with sensors, whereas the digital world is an identical structural build of the software. Indeed, this is the vision of many foreign countries. The commendable fact is that the real and digital worlds are converging. The ingenious inventions of connected sensors, cameras, and ubiquitous wireless networks are the working proof of it.

Today everyone is gaga over “Smart World” or “Mirror World “, or “Smart System “ or Smart Device” or “Virtualization of Real World “Smart phone and its apps have acted as a trigger for the convergence of the physical and the digital worlds. Typically, smart phones are packed with sensors that measure everything from the user's location to the ambient light. Apps which are miniature versions of smart systems allow users to perform a variety of activities right from tracking their friends to controlling the appliances in their homes.

Information-technology (IT) has identified smart systems as the next gigantic thing. Firms from all over the world are agglomerating the network data centres packed with thousands of servers, renowned as “computing clouds”.

IBM launched a campaign called “Smarter Planet”, touting digital technology capable of making energy, transport, cities and many other areas more intelligent. Cisco, the world's biggest maker of networking gear, is trumpeting “Smart Connected Communities”. Hewlett-Packard, the number one firm in hardware, intends to spin a “Central Nervous System for the Earth”.

As a matter of fact, Governments have commenced to function smarter like the smart apps. It is primarily due to the need of smart and robust Governance Resource Planning Systems. More importantly, the smart systems perhaps are amicable to mankind in suppressing environmental problems, such as Global warming. Considering the huge potential & need of government, Ramco a leading ERP vendor in India has developed the “Smart Government Solution for Smart Government” capable of catering to all the government functions and addressing modern day challenges faced by the government.

Let’s welcome the invasion of smart systems!!!!!!!!!