T’way Flies with Ramco

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What started out as Hansung Airlines, in Seoul, South Korea, back in early 2004 was reborn as T’way in 2010 under a new leadership team with a distinct vision. Since then, the carrier has received an incredible response. As the next step, the management had decided to have a strong backing on the IT front. And that is where Ramco stepped in with its Aviation Suite to meet the ERP needs of T’way.

T’way faced problems that are typical of any airline that doesn’t have automated operations such as trace ability and low productivity due to lack of automated process. As a result there were problems regarding the planning of maintenance drills and other materials activities. Ramco provided T’way with Ramco Aviation Suite, an ERP system which would automate and increase the effectiveness of their work.

Find out how Ramco’s Aviation Suite increased efficiency and productivity of T’way while serving the enterprise needs of airline at http://www.ramco.com/downloads/CS-Tway.pdf.