Why Cloud is a Better Idea for Backup

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Why Cloud is a Better Idea for Backup

Working out the right backup strategy can be difficult, as IT administrators know only too well. The right time for backups, the right medium, as well as the right procedure – all these impact the quality of backups and determine how easily the data can be retrieved and restored when needed. Enterprises are used to taking on-premise backups, but they should now also look at the cloud, which offers many advantages over the traditional methods.

Here’s why using cloud for backups makes sense:

  • Reduces storage costs: Efficient backup demands high-performance hardware, which can be quite expensive. And when you factor in maintenance, upgrade, etc., the overall picture looks grim. In contrast, cloud frees you from worrying about the hardware involved, leading to a significant reduction in cost.
  • Data security: Physical security of data is a major concern in backup practices. For instance, what if the on-premise hardware gets destroyed in an accident or simply crashes? It’s better to let the data reside in cloud, where is impervious to physical damage.
  • No IT staff needed: Keeping and training an IT staff to manage backups can be quite costly for small businesses, which is where cloud is a better option. It enables you to forget about the technicalities involved and just focus on taking backups easily.
  • No dependencies: With cloud backup, you are able to break free from vendor-specific lock-ins and software that may not allow you administrative freedom. You also don’t have to worry about hardware compatibility, which makes the whole process far simpler.

If you have not already, you should give cloud backup a try as soon as possible. It might turn out to be one of the most pleasant experiences in enterprise computing!